Welcome to the Ravenfall website. Ravenfall is a PS4 Rainbow Six Siege Military-Themed Gaming Group. We are made up of a wide variety of individuals who seek to be part of an organized group of gamers. We are a cheat/hack-free group and our sole purpose is to game with other like-minded individuals in a respectable environment. When you become part of Ravenfall, you become family. Our core members are Socom veterans who come from an era where win or lose, a “good game” was always said to our opponents. And while the Socom era is over, our respectability as gamers both individually and as a group will always be a mainstay here in Ravenfall.

Our group has seen members come and go over the years with some even returning and we have survived through thick and thin. So in an effort to extend our longevity as a group, we have adapted to the changing gaming landscape. We have returned to the days of being a single game clan. There has and will be an even greater number of top tier games to play but we have decided to focus our members activity to just one game in order to increase our clan activity and prevent stagnation. In the past we tried to support multiple games but this led to a rift in the clan where members were playing separate games and didn’t even play together. We strive to maintain our military roots and command structure in every game we play.

If you like our philosophy and can meet some simple requirements, then feel free to submit an application for consideration in becoming a valued member of Ravenfall. We are tactical, deadly & elite. We are Ravenfall.

Fallen Comrade

As you all know by now, we’ve lost a great friend, leader, brother. Dan (46 and 2) had lots of soul and passion and I know all of us who knew him knew what a great guy he was. I was fortunate enough to meet him in real life in Chicago at the last APC […]

New Ravenfall Website

It’s been a long time coming but the new Ravenfall site is here. Along with a new site will also come a lot of other changes (for the better) to ensure the continuation and survival of Ravenfall. So welcome to all current and new members. Enjoy your new home. For a full sitrep on the […]