Ravenfall consolidates it’s forces on Rainbow Six Siege for 2018.

Ravenfall has become a Rainbow Six Siege clan and will no longer accept applications for BF1 or The Division. Our clan has supported Rainbow Six Siege since it was beta on PS4 and our core gaming group has become addicted to it’s tactical game play. There may never be another Socom game on Playstation but Ravenfall will continue to thrive on PS4.

Our clan used to be called A Perfect Circle ( http://www.apcclan.com/main.html) but our Midnight Massacre still lives on as Ravenfall’s sacred battleground. On Socom we had 16 player (and 32 player on Socom Confrontation) rooms that could fit half the clan in one night easily. Now with Rainbow Six Siege we have carried on the tradition of The Midnight Massacre with  10 player custom games and 8 player chat rooms. Come join us as we paint the walls with our enemies blood every Friday night at 11pm Central Standard Time.

Hear the Call!

Let Us Prey…

Fallen Comrade

As you all know by now, we’ve lost a great friend, leader, brother. Dan (46 and 2) had lots of soul and passion and I know all of us who knew him knew what a great guy he was. I was fortunate enough to meet him in real life in Chicago at the last APC meet before Tow and I announced the name change to Ravenfall. Certain people cross our paths in life and leave an indelible mark on us. Dan was one such individual. Even for those who never met him in person, time and distance were no barrier to getting to know him on a deeply personal level.

It’s amazing how we can forge strong connections to people we never meet and only hear through the mic. And Dan was certainly vocal when gaming! He told it like it was. I think that’s why so many of us are so passionate and nostalgic about Socom. A game where most of us veterans met and forged life long friendships. In real life, soldiers form strong bonds with each other on the battlefield. And as silly as it may seem, those same bonds can and have formed on a virtual battlefield. We may be represented as an avatar on a TV screen but the voice on the other end of the mic belongs to a real, living, breathing human being. I fondly recall playing into the wee hours of the morning fighting along side my fellow comrades, my brothers and sisters in arms.

There is no mistaking the bond and connection we feel. And when one of our own falls, it hurts.

Dan was certainly a special individual and he will be sorely missed but never forgotten. I pray for his family that they find peace and closure and that they know that he was also loved and respected by his fellow online friends.

We have created a permanent page in his honor on the site which you can view here:


The link can be found on the Members page by his name:


I also included the wonderful obituary written by his wife Susie which gives us a greater in depth look into this much loved individual that we were fortunate enough to have crossed paths with.

Rest in Peace Brother.


New Ravenfall Website

It’s been a long time coming but the new Ravenfall site is here. Along with a new site will also come a lot of other changes (for the better) to ensure the continuation and survival of Ravenfall. So welcome to all current and new members. Enjoy your new home. For a full sitrep on the changes that have been implemented, please visit the RVN member section of the new forum.

With a new site comes a new registration. Registration is for the whole site and not just the forum (Comms). Logged in users will be able to leave comments on posts and articles like this one and be able to post on the forums.

For a walkthrough of new features and how to access them, click here.