Current active RVN games: The Division, Rainbow Six Siege



  • Ravenfall is a competitive clan that conducts most of its business in military style shooter type games such as SOCOM, Battlefield, Call of Duty, and other similar teamwork type games.
  • Ravenfall belongs to a cheat-free gaming community. Exploits of the game, either by game design flaws or by external interactions will not be tolerated and are grounds for immediate removal.
  • Ravenfall is an 18-and-over gaming clan.  We will not look at apps that fall below this age.With that being said…Successful and entertaining online gaming is a two-way street. So in your try-out period, we simply want to determine two things:
    1: Does your personality and gaming style fit within this clan?
    2: Does this clan’s personality and gaming style fit with you?

    The Process:

    Step 1: Fill out the application to the right

    Step 2: Head on over to the RVN Members page, find the members playing the same game as you and throw a few of us some friend invites so you can find us online (be sure to add a message that you are applying for RVN).  Then play it up with us!  After your application is submitted, we will post it up in the New Recruits section on the forum. Be sure to check back and introduce yourself when it’s posted.

    Step 3: Once we play it up with you a couple times online and see if there’s a good fit to be found, we’ll throw you some [RVN] tags and you’ll begin your 3 week tryout period here within Ravenfall.

    Step 4: During your try-out period, you will interact both in-game and on our forums with our membership. You may or may not be given some assignments that will prompt an interaction between you and our members, improve your game skills, and get you to learn about our clan, both past and present.

    Step 5: When your 3 week try-out period is up, your acceptance will be at the sole decision of the leaders to either allow or deny your entry. If you’re accepted as a full Ravenfall member, you will be given full access to our private clan sections on the forum.

    That’s it.

    Thank you very much for your interest and, after reading this, you find that Ravenfall is not the right clan for you, then we wish you well and good luck in your continued search for a new online gaming home.


For the time being, and as long as this message is posted, we will be offering a one time exemption for our past members to walk into this house and request to be re-instated back into the ranks without the need for a tryout or waiting period.

In order to qualify for this exemption, a member must have met at a minimum, the following requirements….

  • Must have been a member of either Ravenfall or APC for at least six months
  • Must have been a member in good standing through out their stay here
  • Must have left the clan on good terms and in a proper fashion with notification
  • Must have never talked bad about or put the Ravenfall or APC name down after leaving

If a past member meets these initial requirements, they will still need to fill out the application and request the exemption. The walk-on request exemption will be at the sole unanimous decision of the leaders to either allow, deny, or modify the request for a walk-on as we see fit.