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The Urgent Fury tournament was the product of dedicated work by Ravenfall clan leader Undertow and Ravenfall webmaster Sniper. The Urgent Fury tournament was their dream to have a place to war that eliminated not just opponents, but all childish behavior, all trash-talking, all cheating. The carefully structured tournaments of Urgent Fury have attracted some of the best clans with the highest levels of character and skill in the online arena. Urgent Fury has remained unwavering in its desire to promote fair and honest play in its tournaments and the result is the loyalty and the affection of the clans and thousands of players who now look no further for their tournament and clan community needs. Now over six years old, Urgent Fury has solidified its own place for online scenario-based tournaments. It sets the bar.

Since then, Undertow and Sniper have retired themselves from UF service in favor of a well-deserved rest. They have sold the online tournament to three dedicated new owners who hope to carry on the greatness that UF has attained…and to elevate it even higher! Both Undertow and Sniper have all the confidence that these new owners will not bastardize what so many thousands of players have come to appreciate and enjoy.

Be sure to visit www.urgentfury.com and see for yourself why Urgent Fury has the following that it does.


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