Welcome to all new and returning Ravenfall members and friends. We are at the dawn of a new era and with that comes a new site and new everything. If you read the Welcome message on the main page, you’ll notice that we are now a multi-gaming group. Lots of clans have suffered and died out and we’ve been on a sinking ship as well. One of the main reasons is that we haven’t found that one “holy grail military shooter” like Socom. That day may or may never come but instead of waiting and dying we’ve expanded our game base to include the current hot games that YOU want to play. We may not all be playing the same game but there are going to be new and upcoming games that a lot of us will be playing and we will remain under the same roof, same community, same family.

This new site is part of our effort to plug up the massive hole in our sinking ship and return it to the glory it once was. First off all RVN members and friends alike will have to re-register as this is a brand new site. Registration is easy, just click on “Register” at the top or bottom of any page. For returning RVN members, please bear with us as we get you the proper access to our private section of the forums over the coming days. Registration will give you access to both site and forum features. You should have immediate access to the site and General forum once you register. Once registered, you may edit your profile and add a Profile Display Name and add a custom avatar. Avatars should be at least 100×100 and preferably square shaped. For RVN Members, please append “RVN_” followed by your name to your Profile Display Name (the software has an issue with brackets). Example: RVN_SNIPER. If any issues crop up or you can’t register for some reason, send us an e-mail using the contact form on the Contact page or e-mail us directly at: admin [at] ravenfall.net There may be some minor isssues that crop up so bear with us as we get everything sorted out.

As you can see, the site and forums are now integrated and not separate. The actual site will be fully functional and we have streamlined everything to be as easy to use and access as possible. RVN Members will also have the opportunity to contribute to the site by way of articles, guest posts, gaming news, etc. to make the site more interactive.

We look forward to having all of our members and friends back. Enjoy the new site and remember to have FUN!

Website Administrator