Ravenfall consolidates it’s forces on Rainbow Six Siege for 2018.

Ravenfall has become a Rainbow Six Siege clan and will no longer accept applications for BF1 or The Division. Our clan has supported Rainbow Six Siege since it was beta on PS4 and our core gaming group has become addicted to it’s tactical game play. There may never be another Socom game on Playstation but Ravenfall will continue to thrive on PS4.

Our clan used to be called A Perfect Circle ( http://www.apcclan.com/main.html) but our Midnight Massacre still lives on as Ravenfall’s sacred battleground. On Socom we had 16 player (and 32 player on Socom Confrontation) rooms that could fit half the clan in one night easily. Now with Rainbow Six Siege we have carried on the tradition of The Midnight Massacre with  10 player custom games and 8 player chat rooms. Come join us as we paint the walls with our enemies blood every Friday night at 11pm Central Standard Time.

Hear the Call!

Let Us Prey…

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