Ravenfall Grand Opening Poster (SL Size).png

Ravenfall's Grand Opening Weekend starts this weekend! Join us in the Lounge for great tunes, great people, and lots of fun! Come dressed in your best Fantasy avatar (optional) and let us ooh and ahh at your magnificence!  

What is Ravenfall? A place lost in time, buildings reclaimed by forest magic. Explore, relax, and join your queer peers for fun social club events! Allies welcome. (18+ only)

Saturday 6/25/22
12PM - 2PM SLT:
DJ Tam & Host Greywolf (EDM)
2PM - 4PM SLT: DJ Ajay & Host Juju (Eclectic Mayhem)
4PM - 6PM SLT: DJ Arcadian & Host Harlow (Rock/Alternative)

Sunday 6/26/22
10AM - 12PM SLT:
DJ Z & Host Jasmin (TBD)
12PM - 2PM SLT: DJ Nyxx & Host Rainy (Rock/Metal)
2PM - 4PM SLT: DJ Folly & Host Risk (Eclectic Mayhem)

Be sure to join us on Discord for chat pre-opening and event reminders, or connect with us on one of your favorite social sites. Our links are all at: https://linktr.ee/ravenfallsl

(If you've somehow stumbled upon this site from somewhere unrelated, please note this is a virtual venue inside the virtual world of Second Life, and not a real world place.)